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Want to book a reading with us, have us on your show, or be a part of your workshop?

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We do private and customized readings together!

Each reading will include channeling, intuitive messages, oracle cards, energy clearing, and more. We can customize it especially for you depending on what you are most interested in and comfortable with.

Price: $297 for 90 minutes

This special package gives you the opportunity to learn all about creating, marketing, and gaining the courage to start your own podcast.

This package includes 4 one hour sessions on confidence, hosting tips and tools, overcoming fear and doubt, finding your platform, coming up with a title, description, and topics. Plus, how to market your show for more engagement.

Price: $497


Book a reading with us

How to start your own podcast package

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Suggested topics:

  • Raising the collective consciousness

  • Becoming aligned with & speaking your truth

  • How to raise your vibration

  • Awakening your intuitive abilities

  • Living in your full positive power

Suggested questions:

  • How did you get started as an intuitive/medium?

  • What are ways someone can raise their vibration and how can this be helpful & healing?

  • How important is communication and our thoughts in affecting our energy, outcomes, and well-being?

Some things we love to do at workshops:

  •  Help you awaken, discover, and amplify your intuitive gifts

  •  Teach tips and tools on how to thrive during difficult times

  •  How to embody and put to use a positive mindset

  • Teach you how to protect your energy

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Book us for a workshop

Book us on your show

Book Eden or Kim for a session


Eden Sustin

Book Eden for a reading or for an inner child healing session! Rates will be explained once you send Eden a message.


Kim Somers Egelsee

Book Kim for an intuitive reading with energy healing or a business or life coaching session.  Rates will be explained once you send Kim a message.

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