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~ About Us ~

Our Story

Kim and Eden attended the same high school but were merely acquaintances through mutual friends. As adults, they reconnected when Kim had reached out to Eden for a session. During the second session, something magical happened. . . the late singer, Prince, came through to talk to them. This began a series of regular sessions where Eden and Kim channeled Prince and received divine messages about each of their own lives and his legacy. Prince's words that they channeled were sacred and meant to be shared with the world. Therefore, per his request, we began collaborating on a channeled book project about Prince. Every step of the writing process was led by spiritual guidance from Prince himself. In the process, he guided us to create a podcast about life purpose, truth, and mental health. A podcast that could reach people in a way no one has before. Then in May of 2019, Talk Purpose & Truth was created.

Above the Clouds


The purpose of this podcast is to share what we have learned in our own life journies with mental health, stepping into your truth, shifting into a higher consciousness, and healing your soul. We also want to share the stories and knowledge of celebrities and experts to show listeners that mental health issues do not discriminate. We all experience challenges similar to each other and are never alone in our challenges.


The goal of this podcast is three-fold: (1) to raise the collective consciousness, (2) promote self-healing, and (3) to destigmatize mental health. We want to reach as many people as we can to achieve these goals all over the world. 


Meet The Team

Scott Walton

Michael Paron: P Music Group

Skylar Sustin



Marketing and Social Media Manager

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